> Design Team Creations Photo Album - Punches

1st Zoo Trip by Sarah Mullanix
Happy Day by Sarah Mullanix
Family Tree by Ellen
Thinking of You by Sharon Hinkley (inside)
Thinking of You by Sharon Hinkley (outside)
3 Amigos by Melissa Ferguson
Rainy Day by Melissa Ferguson
Thinking of You by Stephanie Ackerman
Because You Are My Friend by Stephanie Ackerman
Birthday by Stephanie Ackerman
Love by Stephanie Ackerman
Love You by Deborah Long
Created by Sharon Hinckley
Created by Sharon Hinckley
With Bells On by Sharon Hinckley
Ladies in my Life by Bev Code
Sweet by Bev Code
Make a Wish by Melissa Ferguson
by Bev Code
Card by Bev Code
You're Swell by Bev Code
Christmas 99 by Bev Code
My Love by Stacy Rodriguez
Breakfast? by Stacy Rodriguez
Thinking of You by Sharon Hinkley (inside)
By Sharon Hinckley
by Bev Code
A Kind Of Summer by Sharon Hinckley
Tennis Camp by Melissa Ferguson
The Bigger the Wish by Stacy Rodriguez
by Bev Code
Congrats by Bev
Celebrate by Deb Long
she's a smiling on the inside kinda clown by Rebecca Keppel
Vintage Tags by Melissa Ferguson
Happy Anniversary by Deb Long
Happy Birthday 2 by Deb Long
Happy Birthday by Deb Long
Being Sick Stinks by Gini Cagle
Celebrate by Deb Long
Hi by Stephanie Ackerman
Birthday Basket by Stephanie Ackerman
Feeling Sluggish by Bev Code
Friendship Card by Stephanie Ackerman
By Sharon Hinckley
Chard by Ellen Sosnoski
3 by Stacy Rodriguez
I Love You by Rebecca Keppel
I Love You by Rebecca Keppel (close up of border)
By Sharon Hinckley